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by Low Key   
Oh no, not another Jay-z remix album! But thankfully, DJ Tee Reckz provides a solid outing with The Crossover. While the concept has been beaten to death by now, Reckz takes Jay's vocals and mixes them with Nas instrumentals. Obviously, The Crossover is not the most creative mixtape, but it does feature some impressive blends.

The mix of Jay's "Super Ugly" and Nas' "The Flyest Angel" is perfect, even though the transition to Nas' "Blaze A 50" beat at the end could have been smoother. Jay's "Who U Wit" over Nas' "If I Ruled The World" is another dope effort, as is Nas' vocals for the same track over Jay's "1-900-Hustler". Still, not every blend on the mixtape works. Nas' vocals for "The General" is off beat over Jay's "Izzo". Similarly, Jay's "99 Problems" and "The General" suffers from the same problem. Other blends such as "December 4th" and "PSA" are better, but not perfect.

Tee Reckz is and up and coming DJ out of Texas who shows some promise with his blends on The Crossover. While the concept is old, and some of the blends are inconsistent, overall it is an enjoyable mixtape.

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