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written by James Johnson   
Who doesn’t remember the joint, “Whoa”??? It was only the biggest hit of 1999. Black Rob immediately solidified himself as a hood celebrity, not only did that one song carry his 1999 debut, “Life Story” to platinum status, but it also validated Bad Boy’s place in hip-hop history. The label suffered a significant down period following the death of Notorious B.I.G., and things weren’t looking good at the time.

Following “Life Story”, Black Rob took a hiatus of sorts, due to certain things going on in his life. Of course, as the news would tell it, he had is share of issues with the law, but he also suffered a kidney disorder which threatened his existence. After five years away, he has returned with “The Black Rob Report. Rob creatively uses the album to address everything that’s been popping off since his last.

“The Black Rob Report” immediately jumps off to a great start with “Watch Your Movements”, featuring hip-hop’s new king of the hook, Akon. On this track, he reflects on the changes in his life, the things he used to do in the past, and how he’s now evolved. Rob takes it straight to the club on “Ready”, and “Y’all Know Who Killed Him” will become an instant classic, as it features timeless vocal samples from Notorious B.I.G. Label mate Ness drops in on the hood anthem “Fire In The Hole”. Other guests include Cheri Dennis, Rhea, and Minister Louis Farrakhan on “You Know What”. Standouts include “Smile In Ya Face”, “Help Me Out”, and “Team”, which pairs Rob again with Ness, and also Chopper and Babs.

Compared to “Life Story”, Rob appears a lot more gritty with this LP, and he works hard to prove that he belongs here in the game. He’s looking to show us what it’s been missing since his absence, and judging by his work, the game has been missing a great deal!

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