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The Game would never pick beats this bad. As the sequel to the original Untold Story - which gave us a glimpse of Game's humble beginnings - Volume II (Fast Life Music) highlights how far Game has come in a short period. With his official debut The Documentary being hailed as a West Coast classic by many - thanks to amazing production - its interesting to hear some of Mr. Chuck Taylor's first recordings. However, just like volume one, the Untold Story series only succeeds in being interesting, not providing quality music. With bland production from JT The Bigga Figga and his crew, volume two will have many Game fans holding their ears and looking for that copy of The Documentary.

The majority of Untold Story: Volume II is plagued by simplistic and generic keyboard production. This is seen on the West Coast synth sounds of "Truth Rap," the gimmicky party sounds of "Drop Ya Thangs" and "Fuck Wit Me." Fans will also realize that the Game spitting on this album is nothing like the one in 2005. Instead of sounding like a mix of Dre and Eazy, Game sounds eerily similar to Shyne, both vocally and through his flow. This is evident on "For My Gangstaz," "Eat Ya Beats Alive" and "Just Beginning."

Besides two standout moments - "Business Never Persona" and the 2pac influenced "Troublesome" - Untold Story: Volume II will do nothing but give you a greater appreciation for The Documentary. At least Game's not name dropping in every verse, which is about the only thing going for him on this album.

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