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You will be hard pressed to find a hotter emcee in the game right now than T.I.. The self-proclaimed king of the south has taken the industry by storm with his arrogant swagger and southern drawl the past two years. Now with his third release, Urban Legend, T.I. solidifies himself as one of Hip Hop's heavy hitters. However, at the same time his latest album proves he has a lot more room to grow if he truly wants to become southern royalty.

With Urban Legend T.I. continues to do what he does best, which is talking a good game. His usual assortment of hustler tales, verbal threats and braggadocios rhymes consume the album from start to finish. T.I. leashes out on the haters with "U Don't Know Me", talks some more shit with "Why You Mad At Me" and then gives us some block tales with "What They Do" featuring B.G. In addition, T.I. continues to feel himself on Mannie Fresh's bouncy keys of "The Greatest" and the Run DMC sampled "Tha King". Both of which are perfect examples of T.I.'s swagger and unique lyrical talent.

While T.I. attempts to show some versatility with "Praying For Help" and the Daz Dillinger produced "My Life", the majority of Urban Legend ends up being one-dimensional. The generic group efforts of "Limelight" featuring P$C & Big Kuntry and "Stand Up" featuring Lil Jon, Trick Daddy & Lil Wayne are prime examples of the lifeless tracks that hinder Urban Legend's growth. "Get Yo Shit Together" featuring Lil Kim, "Get Loose" featuring Nelly and "Chillin With My Bitch" featuring Jazze Pha are more filler material that succumbs due to dull production and tiresome concepts.

Even though placing the crown upon T.I.'s head is a bit premature at this point, there is no denying his talent and potential. However, if T.I. truly wants to sit on the throne he is going to have to leave his comfort zone and provide us with a lot more than generic street tales and senseless threats.

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