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If you're familiar with the previous Handsome Boys Modeling School album, you'll understand that it's basically an album indulging Prince Paul and Automator in their eccentricity. Conceiving the idea of a modeling school which teaches its students all about how to be handsome, behave politely and such, they created Father Guido Sarducci the skit narrator.

The list of guests present is phenomenal. The draw these icons have is showcased through their inclusions. From RZA to De La Soul, Pharrell and Jazzy Jay to the Mars Volta, Jack Johnson, Mike Patton and Linkin' Park. Their draw was definitely an asset for the assembly of "White People."

The varied sounds of "White People" are what makes this pseudo-compilation/piece work. From the brilliant pairing of Del The Funky Homosapien and Barrington Levy on "The World's Gone Bad" through the excellent combination of RZA, AG and The Mars Volta on "A Day In The Life," it seems as if the idea would just be an abstract thought that would never work. But Automator and Prince Paul changed that.

One of the most interesting features of "White People" is "Rock And Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This) Part 2." The track features Lord Finesse, Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington (of Linkin' Park), Rahzel, Q-bert, Grand Wizard Theodore and Jazzy Jay. We're brought into the track by an introduction from the legendary Jazzy Jay and Grand Wizard Theodore before being presented a great collaboration by the other aforementioned artists.

The soulful tracks are as well assembled as the Hip Hop ones. Pharrell and Julee Cruise create a sensual song together with "Class System," something which feels that it could have quite easily been included upon Automator's "Lovage." The two sing beautifully.

"White People," though oddly titled, is a cool album. It's further proof that Prince Paul and Dan The Automator will remain legends in their time.

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