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Females In Rap
Light contacts, long hair and a skin tone shades lighter than we had remembered her, during...

Notes On Hip Hop
We are not going to purge hip-hop conservatives, but we can struggle against...

A Reflection on Hip Hop Past and Future
The spirit of Hip hop was definitely present at the Power House Arena for the...

Jigga, Why?
The rumors probably started before the mic cooled down after the final Black Album session...

  • A Tribute To A Fallen Star
  • Maestro - Still Fresh
  • Shawn Wells profile
  • G Harmony
  • Nas & Jay-Z
  • "Less Melotron, More Electricity"
  • "Dope Writtens"
  • Why "hyphy" Will Flop
  • P.O.S.sibly a Hope For Hip Hop
  • Reunited and It Feels So Good
  • Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems
  • Writing is the New Rapping
  • Breakin' The Cycle
  • 2005 - The Year In Review
  • Takin' It Back To Art!
  • On the Grind: Masta Ace and Wordsworth
  • BREAKING NEWS: Anti-Flag storms Vancouver, seeks justice
  • "A Last Waltz for a Minnesota MC?" Atmosphere
  • "The Restless Mr. Simmons"
  • "On Behalf Of DJ..."
  • "Beautiful Monster: A Night With the Horrorpops"
  • "Rise Against is for the Children"
  • "Pop Ain’t A Dirty Word"
  • "Utensils For the Independent"
  • "Middle Men"

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  • The Restless Mr. Simmons
    When your average dude looks at a magazine cover, he doesn’t often see his wife and kids staring back...

    Method Man
    Perhaps with the exception of the spinning teeth, Wu-Tang Clan's Masta Killa did just that in 1994, with...

    Middle Men
    The city of Cleveland has not felt a Hip Hop buzz radiating from its streets in almost a decade.

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