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Adonis Star shines with his own light
-- by Flow, September 2006  

  A typical day at Empire Studio involves a small group of guys working hard on creating good quality music, playing Street Fighter II, toasting to a little Henny to fuel the engines, smoking a little Bob Marley every now and again to stimulate creativity, and cracking jokes about anything and everything. Empire Studios is the lab where Adonis Star fabricates his crack music.

"Some people are born to achieve greatness at everything they do," expresses one of the guys at the studio referring to Adonis Star. Looking at the young, Jersey bred rapper/business man; one can see why he would steal the spotlight wherever he presented himself. "I'm totally different to your average person. The way I think; the way I perceive things, its from a totally different angle than most," he says as a powerful beat blasts from inside the studio.

Adonis has been involved with music for over 5 years. Nevertheless, it wasn't until over 2 years ago that his passion for music erupted. "I've been doing music for a while, but for some reason I never took it as seriously as I have for the past 2 years. Music is my thing." Life, experiences, the streets, the hustle, business, and relationships with people, are just some of the few things that influence Adonis' music. "Other people's music doesn't really influence me. I like other's music and respect their movement. But my influences emerge from deeper roots," explains Star.

Never mind, his status as CEO of Elite Records, Adonis is a true artist in its entirety. His lyrics are attention demanding, cocky and original. His latest EP, The Hustle, demonstrates this college drop out's fluidity in street grammar and a flair for the language of Hip-Hop. The Hustle, which has been on the market for a year, has reached the Asian and European markets, and won quite a few web-based and local awards.

"Elite Records is about more than making great music; it's about doing business, striving for perfection, and being successful." Along with Empire Records and Executive Music Company, Elite Records bombards the listeners with consistent fill-good music that speaks for the people.

Hip Hop has been changing over the past few years. Many movements have emerged and other regions have added flavor to the genre. These changes contribute to making the culture more interesting. Adonis acknowledges this fact. "The beauty of Hip Hop is that it goes through its cycles. The South has dominated lately, but the North is going to take over again. I don't know if the power will fall back to New York, but it will definitely come back up North."

An artist, a businessman, and a soul full of mystery are just a few of the characteristics that best describe Adonis Star. His movement is uprising and full of potential to flood the industry. "Whoever is tired of listening to the same old stuff, needs to start listening to my music," he says. "It's consistent; and I know everyone will appreciate it because they are able to relate to it."

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