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Andre's Tangible Thoughts
-- by Coupe, February 2007  

  Inside every person there is a desire to be unique, to stand out in a crowd even if you don't say a word. In most cases the unspoken visibility is the best of all, to walk in a room full of people and not say a word, but say everything. It is not only thrilling, it is happening everyday from New York to Los Angeles. No, people are not walking around with outspoken t-shirts, crazy tattoos or wild hair styles they are speaking with their feet.

The voice behind those words is none other than Andre Trenier. Andre is a Bronx, New York native that has taken the craft of artistry to a whole new level. A level where shoes are becoming more along the lines of an accessory versus something you wear on your feet.

When Andre created the company Tangible Thoughts, he did not have a blueprint, so he created one. He made his talent and his drive work for him, having put his dreams of becoming the next big rap artist on hold he focused on "what was putting food on the table".

Originally, when Andre set out he wanted Tangible Thoughts to be an illustration company, which is what he went to school for but there were bigger plans in the making for him. Andre was asked to work on the television show It's The Shoes, this lead to Andre doing sneaker for several A-List celebrities including but not limited to Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Elton John, Mark Wahlberg and Twista.

Although, Andre had his first taste of notoriety in 1999, when he did the poster for D'Angelos forthcoming album Voodoo, it has not been an overnight success. Andre acknowledges there are still times when he wants to give up but it is his "freedom to create" that keeps him going. So, as people search for that certain something to set them apart from everyone else Andre and Tangible Thoughts will continue to be an elite means of helping to make that individualism come to light. Also, Andre is not at all closed lipped when it comes to his co- illustrators (whose work has been recently seen at Fred Siegel's in LA) Jason Shaw, Jamar "Cas" Lilly, Rashid Cornish and James "Cricket" Colter III, hence there is no question that Tangible thoughts is a force to be reckoned with and it doesn't just stop at shoes.

They are working on some limited edition leathers, belts buckles, and sculptures (to name a few things). Equally as important as the great artistry being portrayed is Andre's more philanthropic side, he gives to the Multiple Sclerosis Society any chance possible. Andre is extremely passionate about giving to the MS Society because it has touched him in a personal aspect.

Needless to say not only do Andre and Tangible Thoughts have that fire when it comes to their skills, but they are dedicated to their craft and to giving back. So, if you are in the market for a taste of independence, then check out Tangible Thoughts on as well as the official website that is under construction While you are there go ahead and be an individual and cop your pair!

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