Breaking The Cycle's 2nd Round
-- by Karlita, March 2007  


Such special surprises included a volunteer brick breaking on stage and a volunteer beat boxing for a prize which was a charismatic approach to include the audience in the nights events. The audience received the abilities showcase from Ill Abilities with great interest and respect and also applauded the performance from Dynamix Soles; a tapping art. The familiar classics from last year such as the foot bagging and Subliminal's display of skill were greatly anticipated and vastly acclaimed. DJ Munda and DJ Senga returned to spin for the event yet again and an exhibit of graffiti art work lined the walls, adding character to the venue; the perfect colorful environment. A new supporter of LovE, Michael Irsmil, had commented to me what he thought of the night at hand

"You know…this is my first time at a thing like this. Like a Hip Hop event…it's not really my type of scene but I'm really enjoying myself. I guess I've taken to seeing hip hop in a certain light but this event has made it seem so positive…it's a lot of fun. They have such different features. Apart from seeing such amazing break dancing…which again I might add is my first time seeing it in any manner let alone competitive , there's graffiti art auction, beat boxing, which was so amazing and I love those foot bagging guys. And to add the time for spoken word and positive rap from those who have benefited from such a program…wow. The spoken word got to me, that am for sure. I'm glad to be here, to support the cause…I'm here next year for sure and I'll spread the word.

The competition was held in rounds with the first round featuring 8 crews, equaling to 4 battles with 2 sets each dancer. Round 2, Semi Finals included 4 crews, 2 battles and again 2 sets per dancer, while the final battle fated 2 crews amongst each other with 1 battle, 3 sets per dancer. The list of competitors included:

12 Step and Keerock
Lazylegs (Illmatic, Montreal) + Tommyguns (Renegades, CALIFORNIA)
Treble and Scrambled Legs (Stylordz)
Jester and Bridge (Supernatz)
Mox + Willy (Correct Technique)
Assault + Bigglez (MEC)
Marius + Matt D.
System and Tiger (Montreal)
Handles and Nastic (MEC)
Red + Trois
Pyro + Goose
Dyzee + Drops
Puzzles and J-Rebel (Supernatz)
Krypto and Marissa

The final battle came down to Puzzles and J-Rebel vs Pyro and Goose with the winning competitors Puzzles and J-Rebel. The meritable winners taking home a prize of $1000.

Apart of this event, LovE has also notably developed a school program, "offering the opportunity to become part of a meaningful anti-violence movement available to youths today. The goal of the "Hip Hop Away From Violence" program is to empower youth with the knowledge and skills to reduce violence and to establish a long-term anti-violence presence within each participating high school. Through the completion of this extra curricular activity participants feel a sense of accomplishment as they begin to realize the degree to which they can make a difference within their community. Our youth to youth model tackles many of the crucial issues that students may face including bullying, gang culture, drugs, crime, and all forms of abuse.

This program is run as an in-school assembly based around our informative anti-violence talent show entitled "Hip Hop Away From Violence". This event is constructed by your students to help them embrace their own unique talents and recognize their personal potential."

As a supporter and fan of LovE myself, I can say with great confidence that LovE officially has changed the perspective of not only the culture of Hip Hop but how such a culture can be used to affect many in a period where violence has crudely been associated with the lifestyle of Hip Hop. LovE is an event ran with care, detail, great effort, and of course with mad love to empower our youth of today. The greatest admiration and appreciation to the staff of LovE for choosing to make a difference and for helping others to do the same. The 2nd annual was an impressive success yet again and I can only conclude that such an event could only and will only get better over time, with support and love.

To see the final battle of the Breaking the Cycle: 2nd Annual Canadian Break Dancing Championships at York University's Club "The Underground", please check out this YouTube link.

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