-- by Dale Coachman, September 2006  

  Being ushered into hip-hop under someone’s success can sometimes be the harder path to establishing yourself, the St. Lunatics with Nelly, D-12 with Eminem, G-Unit with 50, and the most well known Jay-Z and Memphis Bleek..

Currency a native of New Orleans doesn’t look at it that way. After being compared to, and at times sounding like Lil’ Wayne in his delivery, Currency embraces the comparison by saying, "If I were to be compared to anyone, why not someone who is successful?"

There is a lot more to this 25 year old artist besides the chains and the money. After high school and one semester in college Currency decided academia wasn’t the avenue he would take. With his brother, Currency began the pursuit of hip-hop recognition and he initiated it with C-Murder on Tru records, whom trouble seems to follow everywhere like it’s a part of his outfit. This in time would fizzle as a result of C-Murder’s partner getting murdered. Currency then ventured to Master P’s label and things were progressing. He was featured on 9 songs of the No Limit CEO’s 504 album and in a couple of P’s movies. Eventually though, they would part ways.

Enter Lil’ Wayne, who has been cool with Currency since childhood but at the time they were situated in different camps and never really got to work together. Lil’ Wayne brought him down to Miami for Memorial Day weekend and as the saying goes, the rest is history.

Before we get any further we take two steps back to visit Katrina in which Currency was a witness but his part of New Orleans didn’t get hit as bad. Fortunately his family members were safe, but his parents house was lost and his cousin had to float his 5 day old infant to dry land. Currency would take family over property and toys any day he stated. So when asked about his feelings on Spike Lee’s documentary When the Levees Broke he said it was crazy to him because most of the stuff he had yet to witness, so it was mind blowing to him the images that Lee put on camera.

Before C-Murder, Master P, or Lil’ Wayne happened Currency was and is a skateboarder at heart and his cousin is the only African American on the Viva La Bam Show which airs on MTV and presently has a contract with Pharrell’s skate team. Currency himself has inked a deal with DC Shoes, but since the start of his career the kick and the push have taken a backseat. I know what you’re thinking, yeah right another skateboarder, either way he definitely gives thanks to Skateboard P and Lupe for putting it out there because it makes it easier for him now.

Although being affiliated with Cash Money leaves him like Kanye in a sense on Rocafella…of being that different dude, to him he states it’s not a problem at all.

Currency is set to release his first solo joint called Music to Fly too with features by Lil’ Wayne, Baby, Gotti, All Star, and Remy Ma who he performed in Miami with DJ Kahled. He received production from Cool & Dre, Needlz, Steve Morales who if you don’t know has worked with Celine Dion and Christina Aguilera.

This man is truly walking to his own beat and although he has some help from his friends he plans on making a name for himself so he can go back to the Nola and do the exact same thing for his people.

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