The South Gets Crunk...The West Gets Hyphy
-- by Flow, August 2006  

  MVRemix heads west to join the leaders of the Bay's Hyphy Movement: FEDERATION. Doonie Baby, Goldie Gold, and Mr. Stress combined their talent to get the rest of the world acquainted with getting Hyphy.

"It means high energy, going crazy; what on the East Coast others would refer to as wildin' out."

Just like Hip-Hop, Federation is confident, bold, flashy and unique. "Black rock and roll, Hip Hop meets rave, dancing crazy, acting dumb, being yourself, and having hella fun; that's what our sound is about," explains Doonie Baby. The Hyphy movement has roots in Oakland. It has been around for years, however, it had not set foot outside the Californian perimeter until Federation took the initiative to spread it to the rest of the US. Federation may not have started the Hyphy movement, nonetheless, they certainly are the headliners on it's soundtrack. "The South gets crunk, and the West gets hyphy," expresses Federation.

Coming from California, a territory that shines for its Gangsta Rap and its Thug Life representatives, Federation does not feel any pressure to live up to that profile. "Southern Cali and Northern Cali are practically two completely different worlds. You don't see as many gangs or things of that nature up north as you see in the south," clarifies Doonie.

The group entered the industry in 2002, beneath the wings of the infamous Hip-Hop mogul, Rick Rock. But it wasn't until 2004 that the Trio's debut, simply called: The Album, was released under Virgin Records. Disappointed with the way things were handled at Virgin, Federation and Rock made the move to Warner Bros., where, according to the group, they are treated like royalty. Mr. Stress feels really strong about the fact that Warner Bros. makes them feel like Akeem in the movie Coming to America. "It's nothing but love at the label," they all agree.

Real recognizes real, and talent recognizes talent. Rick Rock is the beat behind Federation's lyrics. He lays the tracks and the Trio locks the flow. "Our music has Rock's flavor from beginning to end." Coming from the same territory in California, Federation and E-40 have worked together for a long time. "We've been down with E-40 since day one. Before the money, before the deals, we have been collaborating for many years."

Their sophomore album, It's Whateva, is scheduled to drop in October. They assured MVRemix that their new album will be a roller coaster of high quality Hip-Hop, complemented with a mixture of great influences, and seasoned with a few unexpected collaborations. "We don't want to give it all away, because what's coming its mouth dropping and unexpected," says Doonie Baby. However, they exclusively confessed that the collaborations include stars such as Blink 182's Travis Barker, E-40, Snoop Dogg, and other local artists. "Even though, the collaborations are phenomenal, don't expect too many of them. Federation does not need to depend on the next artist to sell records," says Mr. Stress.

The 2-year gap between albums did not pass in vain. It has been a learning and growth period in many aspects. The Trio has engaged in entrepreneurial activities, such as the eyewear industry with their web and phone based custom-made glasses company:; and the energy drink business, for which they will soon introduce, along with Rick Rock, the "hella good tasting" 18 Dummy Energy Drink. "A lot has happened since the last album, so expect the true essence of Federation on the new project. We are older, wiser, and we matured both lyrically and musically," affirms Doonnie Baby.

Federation is no stranger to recognition for their contributions to Hip-Hop. In 2005, the group took home the Bay Area Rap Scene (B.A.R.S.) Award for Group of the year. For this year's B.A.R.S. they are nominated for album of the year, song of the year and group of the year. They are confident and thankful for the respect and support they receive in the Bay area. "We can't win again. If we win again, they are going to think we are getting greedy," expresses Goldy in between laughs.

18 Dummy, Federation's latest single, is now available on i-tunes. The up coming album, It's Whateva, promises to introduce us to a new side of West Coast Hip-Hop. "We won't let you down and all expectations will be exceed!" they say. "And for the haters: we need you to hate!"

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