Soldiers of Fortune: The Next Thing?
-- by Henrick A. Karoliszyn, November 2007  


Lord Quez (Q) and Wordsmith know the current rap scene well. As Soldiers of Fortune (SOF), a hip-hop duo that knots rugged vocals and silky beats, Soldiers of Fortunethey are avid about their craft and study music religiously.

"We eat, live, sleep and breathe hip-hop," says Q. And with such gusto SOF feel the game is fading unless they can give it a shot in the arm.

"Everything in rap should be changed and rebuilt," says Q of the present hip-pop universe. "But to be honest, the current scene is banging in our world." So what makes SOF unlike any other act or worthy of waking rap from its apparent coma? It can be summed up in one word according to the group: commitment.

"We compete with ourselves so there will be no lack of drive – ever," says Q. "Our approach is different [than everyone else's] because we keep it real, plus we're involved in the whole spectrum of the music business so we have an understanding most don't until they make it huge."

The first single off their upcoming debut Blood, Tears and Sweat (slated for next summer) is called "Life's Candi" and displays their ambition to do just that. It's a thugged-out love song that contrasts a feathery caliber of heaving synchs with a deep vocal attack like A Tribe Called Quest confronting LL Cool J. Flowing like a street poet, the jam flashes with fondness and feels lofty in nature.

The track, with its multi-dimensions, speaks to the character of SOF and their high-flying desire too. At least in terms of their dedication, they preach to and from the street but they also write warm songs the best way they know how. If this creates a new mix in the mainstream then SOF will be thrilled. If not then they'll still keep on doing what they're doing as artists because as Q describes their work is "untouched by the norm" no matter what.

Even so -- with all the risk and do or die -- the reception has pleased the rap duo so far. Q says SOF have been described as "the next thing" and that they are hoping to live up to their reputation. "As we keep building who knows how crazy it's really going to get?" he boasts. Whatever the case, they are making the right strides to become known.

Before their album drops, they plan to release a shorty mixtape that can be found on google in the next month and can be heard every Monday night at For now they remain positive. "SOF got the game under attack," Q warns. "We're in full effect."

SOF's debut album Blood, Tears and Sweat is scheduled to hit in the summer of 2008

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