The Wire - Hip Hop Equivalents
-- by Angus Crawford, January 2007  

  Cappadona - Walter
Always with Poot and usually with Bodie too. Does not have the same drive for drug dealing as the other two and not as respected. Eventually moves to New York to drive a taxi cab (Joking. I just wanted to mention that Cappadona drove a cab after his albums flopped). Anyway, Walter's heart "pumps kool aid" as Bodie says, but his kindness is touching as he helps many of the parentless children by getting them ready for school and packing their lunches.

Tupac - Omar
The anti-hero who does not operate under the same rules as everyone else. Will work with the police and the courts but is just as comfortable doing business in the underworld. No one is respected as much by as many people as Omar who robs the drug dealers with the precision of a surgeon. The gangsters fear him and the children look up to him. The ultimate enigma like Tupac.

Nas - Jimmy McNulty
When he is at his best no one is a better police officer than James McNulty. He has intuitions that help him solve the hardest and biggest cases that are the rap equivalent of making Illmatic (the greatest album ever by the way). Unfortunately his alcoholism, womanizing, and disdain for authority destroy his personal and professional life so he can never reach his full potential. Sometimes he can just mail it in and make a Nastradamus.

Big Daddy Kane - Bunk Moreland
McNulty's former partner in the homicide division. No one rocks the suit like Bunk and he is usually seen smoking his signature cigar even when interrogating a suspect or witness. Sharp witted and the king of the punch line bringing the show much of its comic relief.

Chuck D - Lestor Freamon
Far and away the smartest officer in the show. The voice of reason among the police and is able to get every officer (who are also afraid to disappoint him) to listen. Like a father figure to many of the other younger officers. Without Lester's discipline and intelligence the cases would not be solved.

Flavor Flav - Roland Prez' Pryzbylewski
A hotheaded police officer who, at the beginning, is reckless and difficult to control. Becomes helpful under the guidance of Lestor who nurtures and encourages his hidden talents with code breaking. Could not be a police officer without Lestor keeping him under control and focused.

Kanye West - Lt. Daniels
Stuck between two worlds but he does a good job making both management (the record label) and the police (the streets) happy. Put him in any social setting and Daniels will adapt to his environment. If Freemon is the brains and McNulty is the heart then Daniels is the backbone and other officers may overlook what he does to keep everything afloat.

Lauryn Hill - Kima Greggs
In a male dominated field, Kima more than holds her own. Similar to Lauryn Hill who was one of the best MCs when she wanted to rap. (Mini tagent- In my opinion L Boogie had the talent to be one of the best MCs ever, like top ten ever. Endless talent as a lyricist and ridiculous flow). She is usually flanked by her lesser talented male colleagues Carver and Her. Which lead us to...

Wyclef - Carver
The more successful of the two men who ride Kima's coattails. He wants to do police work and often listens to Kima's suggestions. Too much of a clown to be really respected but he can be useful and starts to come into his own in season 3 and 4 policing the "runts".

Pras - Herc
Most viewers hate Herc by the end of season 4 because they are sick of him fucking up. Always seen with Carver and they are as close as Bodie and Poot but operate on the legal side (usually). One of the funniest characters, if not the funniest character, on the show. Not a good police officer.

C. Delores Tucker - Colonel Rawls
A complete asshole to every one of his subordinates. Has a personal vendetta for Jimmy McNulty and often does not see the forest for the trees. He does not have any friends and seems to derive pleasure from breaking people's balls.

50 Cent - Marlowe Stanfield (Seasons 3 and 4)
The new kingpin who completely changes the game like 50 did with the mixtape scene. Marlowe is unconcerned with making friends and beefs with everyone, sometimes for stupid reasons similar to 50's unnecessary beefs with Jada and Fat Joe. His crew is ruthless and the body count is taken to another level under Marlowe's reign of terror.

G Unit - Chris and Snoop (Seasons 3 and 4)
Take care of all of boss's beefs without hesitation. The two of them are the Wee Beys of Marlowe's operation. Their characters, especially Chris, play much bigger roles in season 4 and have fans expecting big things for Season 5.

Busta Rhymes - Proposition Joe
Not a major character in the show but seems to get a long with everyone. Often used as a mediator for disputes between the dealers. If The Wire episodes had remixes, Proposition Joe would be all over them like he was the Dungeon Dragon. His connections with people overseas keep the drugs coming into Baltimore during dry spells.

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