T.I. - What You Know
-- by Angus Crawford, January 2007  

  A decade from now, we will remember 2006 as TI's year. He reached superstar status and had the highest selling albums of the year with King and starred in the major motion picture ATL. To top it off, his first singe, "What You Know", may have been in the song of the year. Something about those synthesizers and TI's distinctive drawl made "What You Know" stand out. Read below to see my translation (its for fun TI).

What you know about that
Ay, don't you know I gotta key by the three
When I chirp shawty chirp back
Louie nap sack where I'm holding all the work at
What you know about that
Hey I know all about that
Loaded 44 on the low where the cheese at
Fresh off the jet to the 'jects where the G's at
Hey what you know about that
Hey I know all about that

You lack the understanding as me regarding certain matters of importance
Are you aware that I purchase cocaine in large volume?
Whenever I use my Nextel phone to "chirp" © a female she immediately "chirps"© me back
If you are looking for the aforementioned cocaine, I keep it in my designer Louis Vouiton bag
Again, you lack the same understanding as me regarding certain matters importance
To protect my money, I keep a .44 magnum hidden and prepared to use
I am always around tremendous amounts of money whether it is flying around in a private jet or dealing drugs in the Projects.
Pardon me, but you still lack the same understanding as me regarding certain matters of importance
I am cognizant of all important matters

Verse 1
See me in your city sittin pretty know I'm shinin dog
Ridin with a couple Latin broads and a china doll
And you know how we ball
Riding in shiny cars
Walk in designer malls
Buy everything he saw

You can witness me looking magnificent in your hometown because you know I am making money
Additionally I will be in a car with two women of Hispanic origin and an Asian woman
Of course you know how my friends and I celebrate our wealth
For instance we drive around in luxurious and expensive cars
Patronize high end fashion malls

While we purchase everything that we glimpse

You know about me dog
Don't talk about me dog
And if you doubt me dog
You better out me dog

You are aware of my wealth
So please stop referring to me among other company
If you continue ignore my requests,
It behooves you to exterminate me

I'm throwed off slightly bro
Don't wanna fight me bro
I'm fast as lightening bro
You better use your Nike's bro

Admittedly, I am not the most sane person I know
Therefore you should not want to quarrel with me
Furthermore, I am very quick
So, I hope you came prepared with your best running shoes

Know you don't like me cause
Your bitch most likely does
She see me on them dubs
In front of every club
I be on dro I'm buzzed
Gave every hoe a hug
Niggaz don't show me mugs
Cause you don't know me cuz

I understand why you have inimical feelings towards me
It's because your girlfriend or wife is extremely intrigued by me
Probably because she can see me in a car with overpriced rims
Usually this in front of the same clubs that you frequent
During that time, I am usually high from very potent marijuana
I embrace every women in the club with a hug
Men, do not stare at me with hatred
Because I do not know you and you do not know what I am capable of doing

Verse 2
Candy on the six four
Leather guts and fish bowl
Fifty on my pinky ring just to make my fist glow
Your bitches get low

Because I get dough

I have a high gloss paint finish on my 1964 Chevy Impala
The car is complete with leather seating and in the open so everyone can see it
I bought a ring for my pink worth $50,000 for no practical reason
This makes your woman ready to give me fellatio
Just because I am wealthy

So what I'm rich hoe
I'll still pull a kick yo
What you talking shit for
You gotta run and hit for
Got you yelling and I thought you put out a gun hit for

Who cares if I have a lot of money, I ask you my severely less masculine male opponent
I will still use my feet to cause you great harm
Why are you attempting to insult me?
Because of this you need to use your running shoes and got physically harmed
My blow to your body was so massive that you thought I shot you

But you's a scary dude
Believed by very few
Just keep it very cool
Or we will bury you

For some reason you still try to intimidate people
Fortunately no one is believing your outrageous stories
So please cease with your unsubstantiated banter
Otherwise the consequence could be death

See all that attitude's, unnecessary dude
You never carry tools not even square, he cube
You got the people fooled, who see me on the tube
Whatever try the crew, they'll see you on the news

All of that posturing is unessential
I know you do not carry any firearms, not even a cigarette
However, you do dupe some people who believe my fame has change me
Regardless, please attempt to fight me and my cronies and your family will be watching you on the evening news.

Verse 3
Fresh off the jet to the block
Burning rubber with the top popped

My partners busting shots, I'll tell them stop, it make the block hot
Yo label got got
Cuz you are not hot
I got the top spot
And it will not stop

When I arrive back home, I fly in a jet plane
Then I speed in convertible to reach my destination
My friend is shooting for some reason but I remind him that shooting brings police and hurts the drug market
Your record label is finished because
You are so terrible that they lost too much money
On the other hand, I am very highly respected in the music industry and believe I am number one
This feeling will not change in the foreseeable future and possibly ever

A video or not that will bust it to the glock stop
Drag you out that Bentley Coupe and take it to the chop shop
I know we not y'all
If it may pop off
I'll answer the question "Will I get your block knocked off?"

It does not matter if you have a music video on television because my hand gun is ready
I will remove from your Bentley and sell it to an illegal car parts store
I am aware that my friends and I are not like you and your friends
This could lead to a huge misunderstanding
Rhetorically speaking, "Will you lose this fight?". The answer is in the affirmative

This what it is bro
Look I will kill bro
I'm in your hood if you a gangsta what you hid for
Somebody better get bro before he get sent for
You say you wanna squash it what you still talking shit for

We cannot not argue about the truth
Seriously, I will commit murder
I have arrived at your neighborhood but you are in seclusion making me think you are not as tough as you claim
I ask your neighbors to find you, because if I have to, it will not be a good situation
You claim you would like compromise but you often contradict that when I am not around

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