White Rapper Spectacle
-- by Dru Hepkins, February 2007  

  I'm sure most of us are familiar with the White Rapper Show on VH1 by now. The show hosted by MC Serch from the old school (white) Hip Hop group 3rd Bass has a very interesting set up.

White rappers were auditioned to appear on the show in which they'd be faced with various Hip Hop themed tasks. The winner, who should be the strongest and best prepared white rapper will win $100,000 and a huge leg up in their career.

Throughout the show we were able to see and get a little wisdom from several blasts from the past like Prince Paul, Grand Master Flash, Lord Jamar and Professor X of Brand Nubian, to name a few. New blood like Saigon and Juelz Santana also had appearances.

As a lover of Hip Hop, the show is definitely entertaining. The idea of a "white" anything is totally not necessary, but it was a great concept for reality TV. With that said, a lot of things seem to be working for the show---except for the talent. Man---I probably would've extended the audition process!

You'd think that an up and coming rapper trying to get respect would seize certain opportunities; like when Ms. Jones challenged them to freestyle on the air. Instead, an opportunity of a life time just became more embarrassing moments that took away from their credibility. Each of their freestyles were stuttered and mumbled ridiculousness. Persia who's from the streets of NYC should know better. How can she even call herself an emcee if she can't even spit a freestyle on the radio? The others at least tried, she acted as if it was some kind of game and she was just blowing it off. When you're experiencing an extreme and rare double exposure: being aired on the hottest Hip Hop radio station (Hot 97) --- while being filmed on a Hip Hop TV show airing nationwide---to borrow Serch's words, "It is not a game people!"

After watching the show for while and growing an attachment to the bunch, moments like that are almost painful to watch.

A few of the contestants do have a respectable flow. My personal favs were Persia and Sullee who both unfortunately, had to "STEP OFF"---the phrase used when contestants are booted from the show. Collectively however, these cats are not ready and they can't seem to get it together. Ironically, the contestant that does have his "act" together the best is Jon Brown, "The King of the Clowns" in my opinion. He takes all the challenges seriously and does what he needs to do to win. I'm actually not surprised he's still holding on strong. However, the self dubbed "King of "'Burbs" Jon Brown is a clown not to be taken seriously. He's a reminder to me that Hip Hop has been around for quite some time now and it lost a lot of its magic, originality and power. It's so image oriented and empty nowadays that it's a studied blue print. Hip Hop, the usual crap that's spun regularly on the radio and music video channels can be studied, imitated and manifested by Jon Brown's from the suburbs. This boy might even win this thing which speaks volumes. Halleluyah Holla back!

None of these guys seem to be able to free style. Emcee's on national television---my TV--that can't freestyle or at least fake it? When it came to their written challenges, most of them stumbled over words and forgot lines, paused and started over. Now that's just bull shit. I'm sorry, I can't sit there and take them seriously. Real emcees don't make mistakes people; they improvise and flow out of them. Tripping over words or stopping in the middle of a flow is a red flag "no no" in any siefer. Imagine spitting in a circle of hungry rappers then coming to a sudden screeching halt saying, "Wait...hold up, gimme a sec---damn!"

>> continued...

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