White Rapper Spectacle
-- by Dru Hepkins, February 2007  

  I know most of them have been booted off at this point but I'll just drop my opinion on a few notables on or off the show:

Persia is the shows biggest disappointment. I really liked her. She can flow, she can sing, and she's real. Persia just couldn't hold it together. She can't freestyle and it seems like she has one written rhyme that she spits everywhere. Persia in my opinion was the best pick out of the bunch to have had a respectable and believable Hip Hop career, but the girl wasn't mentally ready for this. If I were her, I would've had a 100 fresh rhymes written before coming on the show. I would've also simplified the rhymes in the written challenges a little bit to make them easier to remember. You don't want to write a Big Pun verse and try to spit it in an hour--- "In the middle of Italy..." Keep it short and simple. The comp wasn't that heavy so you just want to at least make sure you can execute it. She didn't even complete her last assignment because she claimed that her head went blank. Well, so did her career possibly.

Shamrock seems like a cool, laid back dude. I actually like the kid but I don't think we're looking at a rap star here. Of course I could be wrong, but I know there are hungrier, stronger rappers out there that are more ferocious, white or black. He did have a few notable flows in some of the challenges and I wish him luck.

Sullee perhaps had the most potential of the bunch. I have to admit, I was rooting for the dude next to Persia. He has a decent flow and a confident swagger. Unfortunately he's a little unfocused. The kid could've done damage (on that show) but couldn't spit a written rhyme challenge without stopping and screwing up. Sullee, they didn't ask you to juggle bowling pins partner. If they had, maybe some of all those trip ups and "damn's!" would be justified. You're supposed to be an emcee and they asked you to spit a written verse that you had an hour to pull together. What is his dysfunction? Sullee also went out in way that he thought was honorable, but man---that was just plain dumb. You mean to tell me he couldn't spit a verse against the other 2 stooges in a challenge that was asked of him---on National TV for a shot at $100,000??? Dude, this is Hip Hop, not the Boy Scouts. Emcees spit against friends and foes for fun or for nothing all the time. He's not going to receive a medal for his act of cordiality. Now you're going to receive a life time's worth of "what if" memories. Good luck to you to----I'll keep an ear out for ya. Sullee now gets to sit back and watch "The King of the 'Burbs" win $100,000 and exposure he passed on.

Jus Rhyme is a very likeable character. He's intelligent and true to himself. He's not trying embody what Hip Hop is or be someone or something he's not. I just think Hip Hop is too image oriented for him to fit in. He's very political and socially conscious; I think he has a future in spoken word or a slightly different art form. His image and what he stands for just doesn't gel well with Hip Hop. Then again, if Aaron Carter, Nick Carter of the Back Street Boys little brother, can make a Rap CD and find an audience than I guess anyone has a chance. As for Jon Brown...well..I respect the fact the he believes in whatever the hell he's talking about. He also outdid his counterparts with the least amount of screw ups or poor performances. I think he'll end up winning. But this guy is pushing some ridiculous "Ghetto Revival" movement. He still has yet to explain what a ghetto revival is and what a white kid from the suburbs has to do with it. Jon Brown's mentality is also indicative of what's wrong with Hip Hop's newer generations. He blatantly doesn't call himself a rapper and considers himself an "entity". The new school generation of kids are trained well toward the destruction of art forms en route to some kind of business entrepreneurship. I find Jon Brown to be totally and completely preposterous. However, who says the industry makes any sense these day. Perhaps the self dubbed "King of the 'Burbs" has a shot at legitimacy. I think Jon Brown should take a comedic route and we might have something here.

White or black, short or tall, everyone is saying the same stuff nowadays anyway. There really isn't anything groundbreaking and everyone and their knucklehead little brother could flow now. The aforementioned statement is starting to include more and more white people now too. So what?

Regardless of race, you just have to be nasty. On the show, Everlast made a reference to Tiger Woods in Golf iterating the same sentiment. Race is slowly becoming less of an issue for a great many things. On the "White Rapper Show", I don't see any of them as nasty or deserving of a deal. Good luck to them all. Serch, great show----bad contestants. No matter who wins, I'm most likely done with them after the show ends.

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