Love Affair: Reggaeton & Hip Hop
-- by Flow, September 2006  

  Young, fresh, and ready to take the Reggaeton landscape by storm, at age 19, Wilkin, is restlessly plotting his takeover.

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, the self-proclaimed Superior Image confesses to MVRemix that the day that he fell in love with Reggaeton is still freshly engraved in his memory. "I must have been about 15, when I saw my cousin and her crew rehearsing and freestyling to what I thought at the moment sounded like a heavenly melody to my ears," he says referring to his first exposure to Reggaeton. Ever since, Wilkin has been writing songs and, in turn, enhancing his talent to provide Reggaeton lovers with fire by the pound.

"You guys aren't ready to know how I got to this country; but just know that I'm here now and I'm ready." Wilkin made his way to the US from the DR almost 3 years ago. The different atmosphere and way of life influenced his creativity and perspectives. Once in American soil, the young Reggaeton phenomenon faced different struggles economically and socially due, in great part, to his limited knowledge of the language. "It's a different world, but I managed to used those differences to fuel the content in my music. A range of things inspired me to write songs; from being tired of working and going to school simultaneously, to family, to parties, being young, human rights," he pauses and then proceeds to say "Oh! And women" as if he had mistakenly neglected one of his most eminent inspirations.

Currently, Wilkin is working on recording his first EP, however, he is not a newcomer to this game. He has been featured in other Reggaeton artist's songs, such as Nipo and Jual, two well-known independent artists within the genre. The young one has also performed several times nation-wide at different Latin American parades, festivals, and talent shows. "Being around, more experienced people in the industry gives me the opportunity to learn more. I try to in-take as much as possible in order to be able to spit out great music. I love to learn. The people who I respect the most in the industry right now are Don Omar and Tempo. Their music is great and very substantial. I would love to work with Don Omar some day. But for now, I'm focusing on getting my puzzle together."

On the road to pursuing dreams there are always different rocks and thorns that may attempt to set us back. Wilkin's journey is not the exception. "Certain people are always going to try to bring you down, but if you have your eye on the prize, then you shouldn't worry. We just have to prove to ourselves that we know what we came to do. If you take music seriously, then you'll make it." Even family, at a point in time, may have their doubts about what we want to accomplish. Mrs. Martha, Wilkin's mother, exclusively told MVRemix how she felt about his son's music interest. "At first I didn't even allow him to listen to that type of music in my house. But now I support him in everything he does, however, I always try to keep his feet on the ground."

Wilkin is a multitalented young man. He is exceptional at creating art in visual and auditory ways. "Besides music, I do graffiti art and drawings; and even in that type of art I try to express myself eloquently. I put a lot of emotion into what I draw or write. You can say that the pencil is my sidekick," he says with a smile as he pulls one out and drops it on the floor.

It is no secret to all that Reggaeton has taken over the major cities in the US and even European & Asian cities. Currently, the genre is having what seems to be a lustful, yet passionate affair, with Hip Hop. We have witnessed fierce collaborations such as Daddy Yankee and G-Unit, Voltio and Jermain Dupri, Three 6 Mafia and Calle 13, Hector "El Father" and Jay-Z, and the list goes on. "But which genre hasn't had an affair with Hip Hop? States Wilkin Baldera, the juvenile Reggaeton-nero, in between laughs. Plus, the history of Reggaeton and the history of Hip Hop have a lot in common. That's why they are able to get along just fine."

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