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Restiform Bodies - conducted by Logan  

Restiform Bodies


These are the transcripts of an interview with Restiform Bodies. The interview was conducted by Logan, mid 2002.

MVRemix: Where did the individual names and group name originate from?

Restiform Bodies: Some book Tel. Jim read. Passage was one of the 150 names that stuck. Telephone Jim Jesus started as a joke and came about during the first Restiform night. The Bomarr Monk just liked the name. We prefer to go by Dave, George and Matt now.

MVRemix: You hooked up with Anticon via a Scribble Jam demo, were you all shooting for just Anticon to take interest, or did the demo get passed around and Anticon was the first to take interest?

Restiform Bodies: We made a small run of tapes and gave them out at Scribble Jam and they got it. It wasn't a demo. They loved it.

MVRemix: How did Passage and Bomarr get together?

Restiform Bodies: We were high school friends. Played in "bands" together.

MVRemix: Were Restiform bodies alive when Moods & Symptoms was recorded, and when did Telephone Jim Jesus come into the mix?

Restiform Bodies: Yes, Restiform actually formed throughout the production of moods and symptoms, and the original tape was conceived before moods and symptoms was completed. We hate moods and symptoms. Telephone Jim was already around.

MVRemix: You all just got done with an early summer tour with Sole and Kevin Bleachdum, are there any other touring plans?

Restiform Bodies: Lookout for world tour in 2003. We're slashing prices; it's our big blowout sale.

MVRemix: Whats your life like while touring?

Restiform Bodies: Fucked and great.

MVRemix: Favorite fast food places?

Restiform Bodies: Passage says McDonalds. Tel. Jim is a gourmet cook, so doesn't waste his time with fast food. Bomarr says if he had to pick, probably McDonalds.

MVRemix: Favorite movies?

Restiform Bodies: Passage - "Rushmore," "Dr. Strangelove," "Happiness," "Fear, Anxiety & Depression"
Telephone Jim Jesus - "Labyrinth, "Pi" (For 2 watches), "Earplugs," "Goodfellas," "My Dinner With Andre," "La Bamba, "The Buddy Holly Story"
Bomarr - "Goonies," "Basket Case," any b-movie horror and the occasional intelligent movie.

MVRemix: What do you think about the Anticon message board?

Restiform Bodies: Oh god. We love and appreciate Restiform fans who are online, but generally can't stand the fucking message board.

MVRemix: Passage how often do you and what inspires you to write? Any sort of tips for would be writers?

Restiform Bodies: Passage: constantly. I can't stop. I write down everything. Pictures, what people say, everything. It's terrible. It's a pigs dream. Tip - stop!

MVRemix: Passage are there any other projects in the making asides from the Odd Nosdam album coming out? And who all is putting in work on the Force Field Kids solo?

Restiform Bodies: Passage: force field kids is all me! The Restiform album will begin production in 2003. god willing.

MVRemix: Bomarr... How is the Anticon Reps idea working out?

Restiform Bodies: Bomarr: It's hard to say. It's hard to really be able to tell which reps are going to go out and actually do work. There's definitely some that do, but there's a lot of these kids that seem to just want free product and don't put in the work. They know who they are. It shows in areas that people are pushing it, and it shows in areas when people aren't pushing the music. We're going to get a better handle on it though.

MVRemix: Bomarr & Jim Jesus how long have you been making beats? And what sparked the interest?

Restiform Bodies: Bomarr: I've played drums for years, and decided to start playing around with electronic production about 3 years ago.
Tel. Jim: I've been playing guitar in bands since i was 13, throughout my adolescence. and got into electronic music production about 3 years ago. I'm not a beat maker; I just do what the music tells me to do.

MVRemix: How do the song titles usually come about? One album they're 18 word titles and the next all 1 word

Restiform Bodies: For the most part, the titles are circumstance or parody, and sometimes they're decisive and pertain to the song's content. song titles were always kind of a joke to us.

MVRemix: Whats the most recent album that you've really been feeling?

Restiform Bodies: Neutral Milk Hotel - "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea" or Eminem - "The Eminem Show"

MVRemix: Hows your all's family and non-anticon involved friends view your music?

Restiform Bodies: They support and appreciate our music. They're all proud of us for reasons they don't understand.

MVRemix: Anything to leave with?

Restiform Bodies: Don't judge us by our addictions, sicknesses or disabilities. We're going to put out a really really good album someday. Thumbs up.

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