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Rodan (Monster Island Czars) - conducted by Nick G  

Rodan Interview

March 2002

These are the transcripts of an interview with Rodan. The interview was conducted by Nick G on March 31st, 2002. You might remember the name Rodan from the Monster Island Czars single on Brick 9000 Records, "Run The Sphere." Well, he and his fellow crew members have been lerking in the underground and there ready to release their ground-breaking material to stomp the world...

MVRemix: Thanks for sitting down to this interview, tell us about yourself...

Rodan: Rodan courtesy of the Monsta Island Czars that's who I be.

MVRemix: Tell us about how you hooked up with the Moster Island Czars

Rodan: No doubt, we all got long history ...Doom and myself go back to childhood me and SubRoc was mad close... Everybody else is basically from around the way like Kong and X-Ray. Megalon too... We all got together as a unit though through [MF] Grimm

MVRemix: Since everybody grew up together and been down since childhood did you all have the musical aspirations?

Rodan: Speaking for self on this one not really... But X-Ray was a DJ from back in the day... He was producing joints for some cats that had a lil notoriety and shit at the time... Doom and Sub was always on some B-Boy type shit.. Like always into breakin' or graffiti or whatever... So I guess the musical side of the culture was a just a natural extension of the shit that was going on. Also, Kong was writing rhymes from ever since I knew him.

MVRemix: How about yourself? How long have you been involved in the culture?

Rodan: I was into breakin n shit poppin n all that good shit... I've always been on some writing shit, so when KMD first formed it was SubRoc, Doom and myself... But I was still in Junior High just going into high school so I went upstate to finish school and they recruited Onyx our man... So thats since like the late 80's I've been active in this... But it's ike I grew up hearing it so it's becomes a part of you

MVRemix: You mentioned finishing school as a priority over rhyming, how important is education to being an MC or just the average cat?

Rodan: Intelligence is primal in life son. Education as far as the institution here in the West is kinda like what you can get from it as far as I'm concerned... I'm saying every second of every day is an education... So I definitely would emphasize everyone learning as much as they can... Cradle to the grave ya know... But it's kinda up to the individual... But it's always good to hear an artist say some shit a lil' outside the boxed in category of what's expected to be said by a "rapper"... But I ain't preaching for every cat to go to college either... You gotta do you... I never went to college and have no plans of doing so either... Except to rock a show.

MVRemix: I definitely agree with you, That's one reason why I have so much respect for the Monster Island Czars.. I've had a chance to hear some upcoming material, and that aspect definitely shines through.. Can you talk about the upcoming material the world will be hearing from Rodan & The Monster Island Czars...

Rodan: Monster Island Czars should be dropping before summer on Rhymesayers... "Escape From Monsta Island" that's the album... Shits definitely a banger... After that we got Rodan solo joint coming and Megalons solo.

MVRemix: Talk more about em.. Who's on production, how often are certain members on tracks.. What your tryin to do with your solo album.. And why The Monster Island Czars is going to stand out from what's been coming out recently...

Rodan: Production on the MIC album is handled by X-Ray and MF Doom, everybody is basically on an even ratio of joints... It's mixed up nice like that... Everybody getting their shine on displaying their own unique skills... I think the thing that will make us stand out is that we really do this shit for ourselves first.
What do you mean by that?

Rodan: No real ulterior motives, the accolades is cool... But it's about satisfying self first in this shit or else you'll run into the cookie cutter syndrome with your shit... Like the old joint say "Can't please everybody just gotta please yourself"... So I think with that at play it'll make us standout from the hordes cause were not worried about sounding like Rapper X just to appease a certain portion of the fan base. It's like take it or leave it. So long as we feel good about the effort we put forth... But along with that I'll say that its definitely some real hip-hop shit... So if you're into real hip hop more than likely you'll be feeling MIC and its members...

MVRemix: How do you feel about the dynamics of hip-hop nowadays and how theres such a segregation of commercial and underground hip-hop?

Rodan: Ya know son I always say that the shit is like Muslims and Jews... More in common than there are differences.
That's a good analogy, explain it...

Rodan: Ya know cause you got most underground cats trying to blow so when it comes down to it they dont mind sounding like a this cat or a that cat if it'll mean commercial play... But what I really mean by that is you have your dope underground as well as your dope commercial and vice versa with the wack shit but they're people that wont feel something simply because its on the radio... And once again vice versa... Dudes who wont give shit a chance just cause they aint heard it on hot 97... But you got your dope and weak in both

MVRemix: Word... Who influenced you to become who you are today, both as an MC and as a person?

Rodan: That's deep son... Vast multitudes from the personal to the globally known ya know... So many diffrent aspects of people I've grown up seeing from my older physical (Brother), Uncles... To men of renown like Muhammad Ali etc.

MVRemix: Word.. Any last words Rodan?

Rodan: Yeah buy my fucking records. Peace to all righteous people throughout the globe.

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