U-God (Wu-Tang Clan) conducted by Hugo Lunny  

U-God (Wu-Tang Clan)

June 1999

These are the transcripts of an interview with U-God. The interview was conducted by Hugo on June 23rd, 1999.

MVRemix: So, Where'd the nicknames Goldenarms and U-God come from?

U-God: U-God, U-God, the U stands for universal man, I'm 5% man

MVRemix: Yeah, and Goldenarms?

U-God: My arms is golden here, they rockin', they rockin', they rockin' you.

MVRemix: Each clan member comes with their own unique style and personality; how would you describe what you bring to the table?

U-God: I'm Sinatra, I'm Frank Sinatra in disguise.

MVRemix: RZA said your album was gonna be on a party vibe is that an accurate description of what we should expect?

U-God: Yeah, it's live, it's live, it's live. A live vibe. It's lively, it's moveable.

MVRemix: Why did you leave Loud to join Wu-Tang records ?

U-God: huh?

MVRemix: Why did you leave Loud to join Wu-Tang records?

U-God: Money baby, it's money. Hahahahahahaha. Mo-ney ba-by. Hahaha

MVRemix: Who's gonna be producing your LP and who's guesting?

U-God: I got ummm, you know I got my, I got my all-star producers from my, from my camp. You know I got RZA, True Master, I got new producers, I got new producers I got under my wing, Supernigga Productions. And, um, that's basically it man.

MVRemix: Dope, so, what's the title of your current single and when will it be released? I've heard it floating around but I haven't seen it in stores yet.

U-God: Yeah, it's comin' out in a minute, it be out in July.

MVRemix: What's the title of it?

U-God: It's called 'Bizarre'

MVRemix: How complete is the LP? By that I mean is it finished or do you have more tracks to do?

U-God: It's done.

MVRemix: Do you have any videos planned for the LP?

U-God: Yeah, I'm filming a video this weekend, for 'Bizarre' right now.

MVRemix: Can you tell us a bit about it?

U-God: Action packed baby.
Hahahahaha. Action packed

MVRemix: Do you have plans to tour after its release?

U-God: Of course, I'm all over the place. I'm here, I'm here. I'm all over the world.

MVRemix: What order will the solo albums follow GZA from the 29th? Is yours the next in September or are any others dropping inbetween?

U-God: First it's the GZA, and then it's Deck.<

MVRemix: Yeah.

U-God: GZA and Deck is in July, right?

MVRemix: GZA is meant to be um, June, end of this month.

U-God: Yeah, yeah, um, Deck's is July 27th I think. Mines, mines is gonna be like October 3rd, October, you know

MVRemix: I was told it was September, so it's been delayed?

U-God: Yeah, ah, yeah it got pushed back, it was September 6th

MVRemix: Yeah

U-God: Might still be in September, like the end of September still though

MVRemix: What will you do after your lp drops, do you have any collaborations planned?

U-God: Collaborations with who?

MVRemix: Um, any rappers or whatever

U-God: Nah, I ain't with all that biggy baggage shit man

MVRemix: How's your store Walking Dogs going? Got any future ventures along this line planned?

U-God: I don't know, I don't like clothing man. I don't like clothing no more man. I'm going into movies man, fuck clothing.

MVRemix: Who's your favourite emcee in Wu-Tang Clan, your favourite affiliated emcee and favourite outside of the Wu?

U-God: MC? Did you say MC?

MVRemix: Yeah, who's your favourite member of the Wu other than yourself?

U-God: Favourite member of the Wu? I'd have to say, umm, probably, it, it be RZA.

MVRemix: What about affiliate? Like a member of Killarmy or Sunz Of Man?

U-God: Err, Hellrazah

MVRemix: And, outside of the Wu, in Hip Hop in general?

U-God: Umm, outside the world? What you mean?

MVRemix: Someone like, I don't know, someone like 2pac, or Biggie, or Kweli or Danja Mowf?

U-God: Nah, nah man.

MVRemix: Who are your influences?

U-God: Influences? Ahh, you know, Slick Rick, Kool Mo Dee, Cold Crush, um, um, ol' skool rappers, Busy Bee, Starsky, you know, um, Rakim, KRS One

MVRemix: Who are you feeling at the moment?

U-God: I'm feelin', I'm feelin' Mobb Deep right now. Mobb Deep, that's about it.

MVRemix: What do you think of Congress' current near-censorship bullshit involving music and other media?

U-God: It's already got 'Parental Discretion Is Advised' man

MVRemix: But, they were actually talking about doing something more than that, like a stronger certificate or something

U-God: Well, they gone have a hard time. They aint gone do it when my album come out, I'll tell ya that fuckin' much. Hahaha, by the time the bill came out, I probably be moving my third album. Hahaha. I don't know. Whatever man. It's on 'em man, they tryin' to cut their dick off their head. You know how it is. They always fuckin' trying to...they want that pop shit in they, in they, in they household, they don't want no rap shit man. You know how it is, they prejudiced about it. You know how it is.

MVRemix: It seems the cops have had it in for ODB these last couple years with bullshit charges and false accusations you have any comment on that?

U-God: The police?

MVRemix: Yeah.

U-God: I don't like Police man. Get a fucking new job man. A life.

MVRemix: Do you or any other Wu member have much creative control with the new Playstation game?

U-God: What you mean? As far as with the game right now? Chips and all that crazy shit? I don't know, whatever man.

MVRemix: Have you ever been on the Internet?

U-God: Yeah

MVRemix: What do you think about it?

U-God: It's good man, Bill Gates done capitalized on the whole shit, so, whatever

MVRemix: Currently there's been a lot of debate on the subject of commercial hip hop and underground hip-hop. Where do you think yourself and the rest of the Wu fits in to this?

U-God: We go both ways man. We go any way we wanna go man. Wu-Tang is, Wu-tang is...Well, right now, we basically underground, but I'm going to the surface with my shit. Yeah, I'm coming to the surface with my shit, so.....It's like whatever man, you know. Underground is underground, commercial is commercial. You know. There's market for both, and both get money so, whatever man.

MVRemix: What did you think of Bobby Digital?

U-God: I ain't like it, I told him I ain't like it.

MVRemix: Yeah, I didn't like it much, I mean I'm a fan of the Wu, but that was some weird shit.

U-God: Yeah, I aint like that type of music. Different type of music, man. Niggas aint, niggas aint ready for that music yet

MVRemix: What do you see for the Wu as we enter 2000, will the third LP be dropping?

U-God: I don't know what's gone happen man.

MVRemix: Have you done any tracks yet?

U-God: Yeah, yeah, there's tracks there, there's always tracks. Tracks layin' around, but, we still gotta do more work though, you know. Right now everybody basically focusing on they solo projects right now, and then we gone come back together and show and prove that we can also do a solo, don't forget about it now

MVRemix: Well, that's about it. Thanks for the interview. Um, any last comments for your fans or anything like that?

U-God: Yeah, Goldenarms, Redemption, 2000 baby

MVRemix: Alright

U-God: Redemption. RE-DEMP-TION!

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